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John Mulderrig & Company

John Mulderrig & Company is a Dublin Chartered Certified Accountancy firm offering professional Company Audits to companies in all industries

Auditing & Assurance

A company audit is an independent inspection of a company’s financial statement, books, accounts, and records. Company audits are often required by law, offering a professional and accurate overview of the company’s finances and legal compliance.

John Mulderrig & Company offers professional auditing and accounting services for companies in all industries, specialising in services for small to medium businesses.

As members of the ACCA, we are authorised to carry out statutory auditing of company accounts across Dublin and the rest of Ireland. We pride ourselves on offering a timely, efficient, and cost-effective service to keep your company compliant and successful when it comes to your paperwork, finances, and accounts.


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What Happens During a Company Audit?

During an independent company audit service, a member of our team will evaluate your company paperwork including financial statements, bookkeeping reports, accounts, past records, and payroll paperwork. You will also be asked about how your business operates to give a clear picture of the overall day-to-day running of the business.

After the audit is completed, a statutory report will be drawn up by your auditor and submitted to the relevant authorities.

Auditing & Assurance FAQ

What is a company audit?

A company audit is an objective examination of a company’s accounts including payroll accounts, bookkeeping, financial statements, and more.

Why would a company have its accounts audited?

Normally a company carries out an audit to comply with legal requirements. In addition, some companies decide to have their accounts audited for other reasons e.g. to comply with a bank covenant.

How much does it cost to have an audit done?

The price of having an audit done in your company by John Mulderrig & Company can vary. Get in touch with the team today for a free quote on our auditing services.

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